What to Expect from a Square Enix Montréal Internship

What to Expect from a Square Enix Montréal Internship 

As a student or recent grad, you want to make the right choice when selecting the company where you will gain your first hands-on professional experience. Finding and securing the right internship in the video game industry is easier said than done, but oh so worth it! 

Think of this article as your guide to everything you need to know about interning at Square Enix Montréal and making the experience memorable! 

Square Enix Montréal internships 101 

We have one objective when welcoming interns to our mobile game studio: setting them up for long-term success.   

Here are the highlights of what makes Square Enix Montréal truly special and intern-friendly. 

This is as good a time as any to mention Magic Mondays! Our entire team gets every second Monday off with pay (yup, that means 2 long weekends a month!) 

  • You’ll join teams that are developing or supporting the development of the next generation of mobile games for a global audience. To date, players in 175 countries have downloaded our games. 
  • We value teamwork, collaboration, and honest communication. Expect to be fully embedded in a team and to be encouraged to make a real difference on a project. 
  • We have adopted a flexible, hybrid work model. You can work from home as many days as you like but you’ll be invited to join your team at the Studio for special collaboration days (and socializing!)  


Interested in applying for an internship with us? We’re thrilled to hear it! Here’s what to expect from an internship in one of Montreal’s largest mobile game studios. 

When to apply 

 Our Studio welcomes interns 3 times a year following the Canadian university calendar. You need to be registered as a student when you apply and at the time of your internship. 

  • Winter (January-April) – Positions posted in September/October 
  • Summer (May-August) – Positions posted in January/February 
  • Fall (September—December) – Positions posted in May/June 

Sending a winning application 

  • Send us your resume via our website or a partner website. 
  • It goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway!), make sure your resume and contact information are up to date. 
  • Portfolios aren’t mandatory for all positions, but send one if you feel it’s a showcase for your talent! If you are sending a portfolio, test it on the most popular browsers. 
  • You don’t have professional experience? Don’t let that stop you! Highlight your academic and passion projects. 
  • If the position is published on our website, it’s still open and it’s not too late to apply. 

When you’ll hear back from us 

  • We answer every candidate, so if you haven’t heard from us, it means that we are still considering your application. 
  • We promise to get back to you as soon as possible after receiving your application. 
  • If your application is selected, we’ll reach out with information about the interview process. 

How to ace your interview 

Are we going to tell you not to be stressed by an interview? No, because a touch of nerves is normal! But let us reassure you, you’ll only meet really nice and down-to-earth people who want to get to know you.  

So, take a deep breath, listen, prepare and ask questions, and remember, an interview is a conversation! Share what interests you about the position and the video game industry. Enthusiasm is contagious! 

  • We’ll invite you to a first phone interview with a recruiter. This is your chance to let your personality shine through! Tell them about your academic career, your motivations, and how the internship supports your goals. 
  • If we select your application for the second round, we’ll invite you to a video conference interview with a recruiter, your potential manager, and a member of the team (we’ll send you a Zoom link, so make sure you have a working webcam.) They’ll want to learn about your skills, interest, and how you’ll fit with the team. This is the time to ask all those questions about the position and your contribution. 


You got the internship. Congrats!  

Every team is different, but each does its best to warmly welcome new interns and to keep them engaged and motivated during their stay. 

  • Once your contract is signed, all material (computer, keyboard, webcam, etc.) will be shipped to your home, free of charge. 
  • On day one, you’ll meet with HR to read through and sign important paperwork and you’ll be onboarded by your manager. 
  • The first week, you’ll be invited to a virtual lunch with your closest collaborators (the UberEATS coupon is on us!) 
  • You’ll be invited to our weekly Show & Tell (an all-hands-deck meeting where we share Studio and project updates). 
  • As an intern, you are an integral part of the team, so you’ll receive invitations to all our social activities and events, including free Lunch & Learn conferences on social issues.  
  • Depending on your project, you’ll be invited to join play sessions to try out new games in development with your colleagues (as fun as it sounds!) 
  • At your last Show & Tell, we’ll invite you to present a report of your internship, share your accomplishments, and reflect on the experience. You can be as creative as you like. (Fair warning, you may be showered with love and teary goodbyes!) 

Find out more about our Studio Life 


  • Set goals for yourself and ask your manager if they fit with their expectations. Make sure to request feedback to ensure that you are on the right track. 
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed, let someone know. Don’t be afraid to ask for help to prioritize your work. 
  • Your internship is your chance to learn and make contacts for life! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and seek guidance. Invite colleagues for a virtual chat or ask if you can shadow a meeting. Everyone will try to help you. 
  • Get to know your coworkers. Join special interest Slack channels to meet people outside your team. (We have channels for everything from pets to gardening and podcasts). 
  • Watch and learn. You can gain precious organizational, time management, and leadership skills from observing people you work with. 
  • It’s easy to forget everything we accomplish! Keep track of everything you’ve worked on (this will help you update your resume or LinkedIn profile). Just make sure not to publicly share confidential information. Ask first! 


In 2021, 75% of interns who had finished their studies got offered a permanent position at Square Enix Montréal.  

That same year, 7 interns returned for a second internship. We must be doing something right!   

But don’t take our word for it!  

“An internship at Square Enix Montréal strikes the perfect balance of indie-like teams and triple-A-like projects, and the atmosphere is always helpful and welcoming. You get to work on a wide variety of tasks and learn about a lot of cutting-edge technology.” - Nolan Strolight, Gameplay Programmer Intern 

“Square Enix Montréal is a really great company. The culture is amazing and friendly. Interns can be who they are without being afraid to express themselves. On the work side, SEM treats interns like full-time employees so there are a lot of opportunities for them to learn and take on projects that have a tangible impact on the company. Alya Gabsi, Data Analyst Intern

“I loved the team and work environment. I would recommend Square Enix Montréal to anyone.” Alex Van De Wiele, Tools Programmer Intern