As we start a new chapter as Studio Onoma, we wanted to share behind-the-scenes insights into our rebrand story.

  • Our strength has always been our ability to evolve and adapt to trends and market changes. Our rebrand as Studio Onoma is one more transformation that we are excited to take on. 
  • Our new brand identity will serve as an umbrella to multiple products, programs, and initiatives, each with distinct personalities. 
  • We have built the Onoma brand to be flexible to see us into the future, connect with multiple audiences, and not hinder us from expanding with the market.

Our name and look might have changed but we are still us: a studio that empowers creativity and innovation and always puts people before products. (Just in a new and improved version!)

Our Story so far

What’s in a name? Everything! The story of Onoma.

Onoma is Greek for name and names offer endless possibilities.

Names breathe life into objects, persons, or concepts; bring them to the world - real or imagined. 

It is the start of a new experience, an invitation to go on a new journey. 

As game makers, we are creators of new experiences, of new paths.

Names shape identities.

When we play we can be anyone, achieve anything, and go anywhere.

As game makers, we are inventors of new worlds, of new possibilities.

Names are the beginning of stories - of our story as individuals and as a community.

Stories are invitations to other worlds where the unknown, the impossible, and the magical become reality.

As game makers, we are storytellers who always uncover a new story to tell and play.

At Onoma, we are creators, inventors, and storytellers, and the experiences and ideas that we bring to life connect us to each other and to players.

For our team, by our team

As a studio that prides itself on always putting people before product, it never crossed our minds to ask anyone else but our in-house talent to create the new brand identity that would propel us for years to come. 

After all, who knows us better?

Our goal was to provide space to discuss who we’ve been, who we are, and who we want to be. A rebrand is much more than a name. It is the representation of our dreams, ambitions, and values.

Starting in May 2022, we created a Rebrand Squad of communications and design experts who counted on the support of our user research, legal, community, internal communications and engagement experts (and so many more) to bring our story to life.

the rebrand process

Developing our new brand identity was a 5-month process during which we refined our vision and the story we wanted to share with the world.

phase 1: branding scope of work

We knew we had a short timeline to create a new brand identity, so the first step was to map out a calendar, milestones, interdependencies, and necessary resources.

phase 2: brand assessment

Our Rebrand Squad completed an in-depth audit of our existing branding and a competitive landscape analysis to define the attributes we wanted to bring forward as key differentiators.

phase 3: brand exploration

Using our values and brand pillars as guiding lights, we tested dozens and dozens of names (165 to be exact!) that would be easy to pronounce in both French and English. We shortlisted 15 that were presented to employees during virtual focus groups. A narrative and mood board accompanied each name to facilitate discussions.

phase 4: brand evaluation

Based on the results of the focus groups, we selected 3 contenders for which we designed preliminary brand books to evaluate if they packed an emotional punch and were in line with our purpose and values.

phase 5: brand selection

The right brand story and identity have the power to strengthen relationships, both internally and externally. We selected Onoma as the brand that would support a wide range of uses, experiences, and narratives. We unleashed the talent of our graphic designers and marketing artists to build a brand book that would cover our future communications and marketing needs on all touchpoints:

  • Logo
  • Colour palette ans typeface
  • Graphic elements
  • Internal communications templates
  • Social media assets
  • Letterhead, business cards
  • Studio signage
  • And more

The Art of the Brand 

As we went through the rigorous brand analysis and development process, we also established a look-and-feel that matches our storyline and objectives, and offers a fresh expression of our identity moving forward.  

The overall concept is streamlined, playful, and timeless.

Our design, with its clean lines and use of primary colours and basic shapes, was inspired by the influential Bauhaus art movement and its “aim to bring art back into contact with everyday life.”

A custom font was created for the Onoma logo. The rounded edges reflect our humane and people-first approach. The elongated O in the center represents an open window into creativity and new worlds for our players.  We’ve kept the logo black (with a white version) to act as an umbrella brand to a myriad of games and projects, each with distincts palettes and brand identities.

The elongated O is central to our new visual identity. It can be used in various orientations - in whole or in part - and its shape and colour can be altered, providing us with countless options while maintaining visual coherence.

We are so excited to start this new chapter in our story and to have the chance to write  it with you!