Start Your New Chapter

No one’s potential should be limited by a job description.

Joining Onoma means being part of a human-scale studio where you'll be given the opportunity to be your best creative self.

We'll empower you to innovate and give you the freedom to develop new skills.

Most importantly, you'll be appreciated as an individual with a unique point of view.

Woman artist employee concentrating as she draws on a large tablet with a stylus.
Male employee at a conference room table pointing at the mobile phone in his hand as another male employee looks at him with a notebook open.

Available positions


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Perks Galore

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Perks may vary per location.

Group of four employees hanging out and socializing in a common area of the office. Two are sitting on a couch and the other two are sitting on chairs. There are books, a plant, and a coffee mug on the coffee table.

Your first week

You got the job!

Congrats! Starting a new job can be stressful (not first-day-at-a-new-school stressful, but still.) To get you ready, here’s what you can expect from your first week.

  • Schedule permitting, on your first day you’ll be invited to a presentation by Patrick, our Head of Studio. He’ll tell you all about of our company culture, our past successes, and projects in production.
  • Whether we’re working from home or the studio, the first-week lunch with the team is a tradition. (The promo code to order your favourite meal is on the house!)
  • We regularly hold an all-hands-on-deck meeting where we share company news and project updates. You’ll put faces on names and get to introduce yourself. (No speech required; a quick hello is fine!)
  • Last (but not least!), expect a really nice package of branded goodies (we’ll say no more!)
Close up of hands playing a game on a mobile phone.


We develop games that maximise the potential of mobile platforms and tactile screens for an optimal player experience. Where others see limitations, we see possibilities.

Crafting mobile games at Onoma means:

Putting your work in the hands of more players than you ever thought possible

  • Receiving real-time feedback from players
  • Having endless possibilities to innovate, reinvent, and reimagine for the potential of mobile devices
  • Being part of a small and agile team where creativity is key
  • Having as much responsibilities as you wish to take on
  • Spending time developing games, not managing task